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Automated welding equipment,
from a 4-axis benchtop system to more complex  systems such as the Sciaky CNC Fusion Systems (5-7 axes)

With Precision Welding Technologies' automated welding products (GTA/Plasma Welding equipment, electron beam welding equipment, accessories) and services (job shop, maintenance, printed circuit board testing and repair, consulting) 
you can expect increased productivity, higher quality welds, lower
processing costs, and reduced equipment downtime!

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Sciaky multi-axis
computer controlled Electron Beam Welding Systems.
Power supplies for precise, low heat input
welding, configurable for manual or automated operations. Components for vacuum systems,
servo drives, high voltage systems; printed circuit board/electronic
Gas auxiliary shields and gas trailing shields
improve performance of standard GTAW/PAW torch, using
PWT's patented technology. State-of-the-art wirefeed guide arrangement
for automated fusion welding equipment. Tool design/manufacturing for welding
and machining processes. Printed Circuit Board Testing : lead times for most purchased components
run as little as 1-2 days; most boards sent for test and repair are
turned around in 1-2 weeks. Preventive/corrective maint services.
Training on automated GTAW/PAW, electron beam, and resistance welding equipment. Preventive/corrective maint services for resistance welding equipment.
Upgrades and training for resistance welding equipment. Applications/process development
and CNC programming for your automated welding equipment. Automated welding services for high volume
or difficult fusion applications. Job shop machining also available.

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