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Wirefeed/Weld Torch Extensions/Tooling

[Wirefeed/Weld Torch Extensions/Tooling] 
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PWT's products can enhance your automated welding performance.  Whether you need precision welding fixtures for automated applications or tooling design/fabrication services for manual welding and machine shop applications, you will find them at PWT.

 Wirefeed Guide Arrangements

PWT offers a state-of-the-art welding system wire feeder with wire guide arrangement for automated fusion welding equipment.
[Wirefeed Guide Arrangement]  
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  • No tendency for the wirefeeder to wobble causing wirefeed irregularities during welding due to our unique design
  • Straightforward positioning adjustment knobs via a spring-loaded arrangement for easy manipulation of the wire, instead of complicated slide mechanisms
  • Wirefeed gearbox and feed rollers mounted straight-in-line with the wire guide tip for optimum wire delivery to the weld pool
  • Wide variance on wirefeed entry angles – easy to adjust
  • Pulley mechanism which reroutes the wire into the wirefeed motor casing at the proper angle precluding wire constriction/binding and deposition inconsistencies

NEW for 2016     PWT now offers a motorized wire guide arrangement for your automated welding equipment. [Wirefeed Guide Arrangement]  
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  • The wire feed can be manipulated remotely via a joystick knob on the portable pendant.
  • We use small, very accurate 24 volt gearmotors and PWT's innovative belt solution to slowly and smoothly adjust the wire angle for critical control of the wire entry into the molten pool.

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 Torch Extensions

PWT offers torch extensions to mount to your automated welding equipment. The torch extension can fasten onto a standard GTAW welding torch or we can build a special torch to fit the customer’s application. Our torch extension could be used for nearly any imaginable application, such as reaching inside a part or around an obstruction, outside diameter joints, inside diameter joints, and hidden joints.
[Torch Extensions]     (select to see larger image) The extension typically consists of three or more major legs joined together:

    1.  a vertical leg would extend in the upward or downward direction from the mounting plate
    2.  a horizontal leg would extend outward to clear an obstruction
    3.  another vertical section would extend downward
    4.  and another horizontal section might extend inward toward a weld joint

We can make the extension telescope, by giving the “legs” the ability to extend and retract, to the optimum configuration/position.
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Typically, our torch extension is made of aluminum tubing with a torch/trailing shield attached at the end of the extension.
Power and gas cables would fit inside the tubing and connect to the standard welding torch or custom torch/trailing shield, which would ensure superior gas coverage for any application.
We can also fabricate the torch extension with a ball & socket joint allowing the torch/trailing shield to easily rotate 180 degrees and pivot radially a minimum of 45 degrees in each direction off of center.

See our "Special" Small Torch Extension/Trailing Shield Assembly (also known as Curved Torch) on PWT's Gas Shields page.

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PWT offers tool design/manufacturing services for welding and machining processes. We strive to obtain the optimum
solution for the customer.
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  • Personnel on staff with many years experience designing tooling for aerospace and other industrial applications
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • High quality CNC machining work
  • Complete tooling/system integration
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