Other Welding Equipment & Systems

Besides PWT's refurbished Sciaky AcuWeld product line, we offer various semi-automated to fully automated arc welding systems and brazing stations, including those listed below, currently in stock.

Description Model & Comments
Allen Bradley 8400 CNC X-Y-Z-Rotary/Tilt System Model CE-5000, AB 8400
Aeroquip Precision Induction Brazing System Model AE5068704, S/N 5510

Unitek Precision Resistance Welding System, Phasemaster V Control PM-5B Control, Unipulse X8/230 Transformer

Unitek Precision Resistance Welding System, Phasemaster IV Control PM-4 Control, Unipulse Transformer


Airco AC/DC TIG Welding Power Supply, 250 Amps "HeliWelder V" Airco "250 AC/DC HeliWelder V"

All equipment is subject to prior sale

Call (530) 269-1826 or send mail to Gregg Martsching with questions or comments about any of this equipment or this web site.
Last modified: August 20, 2012