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Electron Beam Welding Components/Upgrades

Improve your EBW System's Performance with our Technology

PWT's EBW products include vacuum system components (gauges, pumps, valves, incl. re-conditioning), servo drive components (motors, ball screws, encoders, limit switches, etc.), High Voltage System components (incl. AVR, HV Cables), gun components, scanning equipment, x-ray survey equipment, optics systems, and miscellaneous printed circuit board/electronic components, and computer controls.


 High Voltage Cables

[High Voltage Cable]
(select to see larger image)
  • PWT refurbishes internal and external high voltage cables used in certain Electron Beam Welding Systems. 
  • The refurbished HV Cable would contain new silicon cable insulation and some metal parts. 
  • We will replace defective portions of the ends/connectors, including molding in a whole new center section, as necessary.
  • PWT can also supply complete, new High Voltage Cables for your EB Welder.

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   Solid State AVR System 

[AVR System]
(select to see larger image)
PWT provides Single Transistor AVR Power Packs, rated for 15KW, 30KW, & 42KW, for certain Electron Beam Welding Systems. PWT's transistor pack uses one IGBT (Isolated Gate Bridge Transistor), the latest generation in power transistors. Our system is a reliable replacement for Multiple Transistor AVR's with significant improvements in power control and over-current protection. The IGBT is rated at 300A continuous current and 1200V collector, emitter voltage. The controller was designed with special drive circuits for the high power application. An isolated AVR current feedback provides fast, reliable protection for the power transistor, HV transformer, and diodes. PWT's solid state AVR System will eliminate long down time due to troubleshooting and searching through many transistors attempting to locate a defective one.

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   Servo Drive Upgrades 

[Servo Drive Upgrades]
(select to see larger image)
PWT can retrofit your automated welding system with reliable, state-of-the-art servo drive amplifiers.
These new drives have many more fault lights than the old, obsolete drives, which make it easier for maintenance personnel to diagnose an error condition.

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 Electron Beam Welding Console

[EBW Console]
(select to see larger image)
PWT's Electron Beam Welding console, used on certain manufacturer's EBW machines, is lighter and more mobile than existing systems which makes it easier for the operator to move around to the different viewing windows. The console consists of an enclosure, cooling fans, CRT, keyboard, buttons, nameplates, XY monitor, and pendant.

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 Portable Pendant

[Portable Pendant]
(select to see larger image)
PWT can refurbish and supply new portable pendants (fusion or electron beam) for the manufacturer's W2000 control. Our special button design will preclude the writing from wearing out. In addition, we can now repair all motherboards as we have complete stock of all of the IC Chips, even the old, obsolete, hard-to-get chips.

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 Vacuum System Components 

Using off-the-shelf technology and PWT's vacuum system experts, PWT can integrate many vacuum gauges, pumps, valves, and other components to provide a reliable vacuum system for your EB Machine.
PWT offers a new generation of EB Welding Pumping System controls to simplify diagnostic troubleshooting of the pumping system's sequence. The package includes a new Direct Logic PLC and 12 inch touch screen. A PC will serve as the Ladder Logic interface for programming and troubleshooting of the PLC. With the touch screen, the technician will be able to monitor the status of the complete pumping system including pumps, valves, and sensors such as water flow, water temperature, air pressure, diffusion pump temperature, diffusion pump heater current, etc. If any error is present, the touch screen will display the exact fault. The touch screen will not only provide specific diagnostic messages, but also be programmable to set off alarms.
[touch screen]
(select to see larger image)

12-inch touch screen
Direct Logic PLC
(select to see larger image)
[vacuum system roughing valve]
(select to see larger image)
Shown at left is a 6" roughing valve.
[Vacuum gauge systems]
(select to see larger image)
PWT can supply vacuum gauge systems for either the chamber, the gun, or both, as applicable. PWT's gauges incorporate a modular design that has proven reliable and easy to calibrate. We also provide an RS232 serial port module so the gauge can be programmed to fit your specific system requirements and inquiries. The gauges shown at the right were used on a Sciaky EB Welding System with an external gun and interfaced to the existing CNC control. Another gauge is shown in the lower portion of the 12-inch touch screen photo ) shown to the left of the pumping system PLC (Direct Logic) which was used on a Sciaky EB Welding System with an internal gun.

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   Vacuum Pumps 

PWT also offers high-quality pump reconditioning services.
Currently for sale on our shop floor are refurbished Stokes 212H-11 mechanical pumps (left), Stokes 412H-11 mechanical pumps (center), and Varian/CVC 20" diffusion pumps (right) that look and run like brand-new.
Stokes 212H-11 Pump Stokes 212H-11 pump
(select to see larger image)
Stokes 412H-11 Pump Stokes 412H-11 pump
(select to see larger image)
Varian/CVC 20" Pump Varian/CVC 20" pump
(select to see larger image)

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   Optics/Vapor Shield Holder 

[Optics/Vapor Shield Holder]
(select to see larger image)
PWT has available a new vapor shield advancement holder for Electron Beam Welding Machines. This new-style unit will allow the operator to "jog" the vapor shield from contaminated glass to clean glass and back again with repeatable precision. The glass exposed to the vapor is 3/8" oval, as compared to 5/8" round in older models on the market, further increasing the amount of useable glass.
Our product will significantly increase viewing time before it is necessary to replace the contaminated glass disc, which may result in decreasing the frequency of venting the chamber.

 recommended for certain Sciaky Electron Beam Welding Machines  

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 Electron Beam Welding Rotary-Tilt Positioners 

Rotary-Tilt positioners for Electron Beam Welding Machines can now be supplied by PWT.
[EBW Rotary-Tilt Positioner, Heavy Duty]* heavy duty
(select to see larger image)

  • The new vacuum compatible positioner can be retrofitted to existing EBW systems and integrated to the computer control.
  • The positioner at left is a standard heavy-duty rotary-tilt positioner capable of turning large loads. The positioner at right is a uniquely designed, low-profile positioner, which allows the user to increase their chamber's working envelope.
  • The highly accurate, repeatable positioner includes heavy-duty gearing, precision faceplate, motors, encoders for position & velocity feedback, home & limit switches, and the necessary cabling to connect to the machine's existing drives.
  • Installation is provided.
[EBW Rotary-Tilt Positioner, Low Profile] * low-profile positioner
(select to see larger image)

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 Computer Controls: Overview

PWT can retrofit your Sciaky EB Welder or Automated GTA & Plasma Welding System with a state-of-the-art Weld Controller using the world renowned Delta Tau hardware and architecture. Our new advanced control is called the U-Weld Computer Control.
  • The control is an Ethernet Ultralight Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based NC Controller specifically designed for multi-axis control integrated with machine and process variables.
  • The process variables control electron beam power for an EB Welder or arc and wire transfer for a fusion welding system.
  • Parameters controlled for an EB Welder can be Beam Current, Filament Current, Beam Focus, High Voltage, and Deflection, along with all the of mechanical axes.
  • Parameters controlled for an automated fusion welding system can be High Current, Background Current, Arc Voltage, Wire Feed Speed, Pulsation, and Plasma Gas Flow, along with all the of mechanical axes.
  • The machine variables are analog and discrete inputs and outputs that control machine axes and electrical signals.
The NC controller is supplied by a company that has supplied numerous controls for the metalworking industry. Many spare parts are off-the-shelf and will be less expensive than a control that is based on a more complex architecture.

To learn more about PWT's featured computer controls, continue reading or jump to specific controls:
    U-Weld | Advantage Basic 400


 Computer Control: U-Weld Computer Control

We call our control the “U-Weld TurboPMAC2-PCI-Ultralight” controller. It is a Delta Tau Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based NC Controller specifically designed for multi-axis control integrated with machine and process variables. The NC Controller offers ultimate power and flexibility to control up to 32 axes simultaneously.
[EB U-Weld Control]
PWT's EB U-Weld control user interface

(select to see larger image)
  [EB U-Weld Control]
Control cabinet circuit boards & other components

(select to see larger image)

Higher resolution detailed view (318KB)

The control, based on the latest Ethernet technology, is being used to replace many of the obsolete industrial controls utilizing the old VME Bus architecture. The control is not PC based, i.e., the main computer is not built into a PC; the PC is used strictly for off-line programming. There are Ethernet connections from the main controller boards to the user interface. Our user interface runs on many Windows platforms, including Windows XP, 7, 8, & 10.
The Delta Tau has intelligent servos, i.e., software in the servo cards passed by fiber optics. The fiber optics are proven, more reliable, and "cleaner" than bundles of wire used in other controls.
For an Electron Beam Welder, the process variables control electron beam power.
Parameters controlled are:
  • Beam Current
  • Filament Current
  • Beam Focus
  • High Voltage
  • Deflection/Seam Tracking parameters
  • all mechanical axes
For an Automated GTA & Plasma Welding System, the process variables control transferred arc fusion.
Parameters controlled are:
  • Arc Voltage
  • Welding Current
  • Wire Feed Speed
  • Current & Wire Pulsation
  • Gas Flow
  • all mechanical axes

The machine variables are analog and discrete inputs and outputs that control machine axes and electrical signals.

 Selected portions of the control interface and operation are shown in the "click-zoom-pan" screen shot gallery below. For best viewing:
  1. Click on any image for enlarged photo in "gallery view"
  2. A second click will enlarge the view again
  3. Click and drag to bring enlarged portions into view
  4. Use left or right arrow to move backward or forward thru photos
  5. esc key will close "gallery view"
Click-Zoom-Pan U-Weld Screen Shot Gallery

For additional information on PWT's U-Weld Computer Control, see our
Advanced U-Weld Control Feature Sheet (pdf format, 585KB)
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 Computer Control: Advantage 400 Basic Control

[EB Welding Computer Controls]
(select to see larger image)

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 Weld Monitoring Camera System

Stenning Custom Model MV-103XL Weld Monitoring Camera System
for Fusion & EB Welding Systems

[EB Weld Monitoring Camera System]
(select to see larger image)
[EB Weld Monitoring Camera System]
(select to see larger image)
[EB Weld Monitoring Camera System]
Features of the specialized camera system include:  
Miniature CCD color camera
  • 400,000 pixels and 768(H) x 494(V) picture elements, providing resolution of better than 470 lines.
  • Camera control unit has a built-in automatic electronic shutter to 1/50,000 second, which instantly compensates for arc luminosity variations.
Lens assembly
  • Includes a motorized iris, focus and variable-density D.O.T. filter.
  • Our special D.O.T. filter reduces the UV, allowing you to view your critical welding process in real time.
  • Custom front cover holds motorized, 6-position acrylic shield for protection against metal vapor.
Three (3) isolating mounting brackets
  • Swivel joints allow for precise positioning of components.
12 volt, 28 watt set-up lamp
  • Quartz halogen spot allows the operator to make minute adjustments before welding and is also useful for viewing the area surrounding the puddle during the weld process.
  • Custom front cover holds a motorized, 4-position Pyrex shield for protection against metal vapor.
Rack-mountable control panel
  • Operates focus, filter, iris, motorized vapor shield, and pan & tilt control, as applicable.
17" Color flat-screen LCD Monitor

17" or 19" Sophisticated Color LED Monitor
  • Includes either a slide rail for mounting in the standard 19" rack or a wall mount bracket.
  • PWT provides the integration to customer's existing computer control or our control, as applicable.
  • Our new LED Monitor has POP (Picture Over Picture) and PIP (Picture In Picture) capabilities. The POP option splits the screen in half showing both inputs of a dual camera system. The PIP option puts the second picture in the corner of the screen about 1/4 the size of the primary picture. This monitor is unique for this type application in that it has an aspect ratio that matches the camera's incoming video signal and the picture resolution is excellent.
All required cabling
  • Cabling for camera, camera control unit, lens, filter, vapor shield, and coax.
  • Custom cabling between the control panel and the junction box.
Aluminum protective box
(For EBW Systems)
  • Measures no larger than 12"(L) x 6"(W) x 3"(D)
  • Houses the camera control unit and mounts inside the chamber.
  • Box has a 16-pin input connector, lamp and lens control output connector, and a split ring seal for the camera cable.
Carrying Case 

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   Spare Parts 

PWT has many spare parts available for Sciaky Electron Beam Welding Systems.
Pictured below are two examples.
[Spare Parts, Deflection Coil]
(select to see larger image)
Focus Coil and
Deflection Coil
  Servo Motor with
vacuum rated
[Servo Motor with vacuum-rated brushes]
(select to see larger image)
Please call for availability and pricing.

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